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We activate brands leveraging social, apps, web & events with world-class content in any form.

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Video, Stills & Motion Content Production

Dandy’s talented in-house team and hand-picked roster of directors, producers and creatives give us a powerful edge in content production. Combined with our streamlined approach we produce remarkable content simpler, faster and better. Anywhere in the world.

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Projection, LED & New Media Projects

Experimentation and innovation has earned us a reputation for delivering solutions where others say it can’t be done. Our multidisciplinary expertise, Trans-Tasman support and creative approach make us the #1 choice for smart companies who desire to connect with consumers in the physical domain.

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We deliver work that inspires and connects with your audience.

We’re your own personal kitchen for cooking up all things creative.

Digital / Interactive

The digital world is constantly evolving and it’s a growing challenge to keep up. Our answer is to provide solutions, ideas and collaboration you can afford that will maximize your potential today and into the future. We’re your digital partner you can trust.

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Art & Design

We all aspire to stand out from the crowd. The challenge being that if you’re in it you only see what the crowd sees. We elevate your perspective by unearthing the emotional core of your brand; provoking works that connect, communicate and inspire.

We provide solutions you can afford that will grow your business today and into the future.

We’re your digital partner you can trust.

Insight, Ideas & Execution

It is the collision of people and ideas that drive innovation. A force we’re proud to play a part in every day. We’re surrounded by concepts, creatives, new ways of thinking and often participate with projects of our own. At Dandy we love sharing what we know to provide the insight you need to ground your strategy and fuel your ideas.

Working together, we can make greatness happen.